South Boston Pizza Delivery

Are you in the mood for a delicious pizza? Do you want to just sit down with your friends while you enjoy a hearty conversation and a mouthwatering pizza? Or, do you want to satisfy your craving for the yummiest pizza in South Boston?

Welcome to Pizzeria 260! The tastiest, choicest and healthiest South Boston pizzas are here for you to relish.

Our kitchen at Pizzeria 260 is always bustling with life. Our experienced chefs and their assistants are always on the move to cook up an appetizing meal for you. By handpicking the finest ingredients and preparing fresh products, we strive to make your dining experience one that you will always fondly remember.

Boston Pizza… What’s Cooking?

Doesn’t the word “pizza” make your mouth water? Well, if you read further, you’re craving is going to reach an extent that can be satisfied only with one of the yummiest pizzas from our menu. There’ll be no turning back! Pizzeria 260 is home to the finest pizzas, buffalo wings, burgers, salads, calzones, sandwiches and paninis. Whatever you’re in the mood for, our chefs and our kitchens are well equipped to satisfy your cravings.

At Pizzeria 260, we believe in the quality of our ingredients. All of our produce is either prepared or purchased fresh daily. The dough we use is never frozen; in fact, we make our own dough daily so that it’s fresh and every bite you take feels like heaven. We also prepare our own pizza sauces on a daily basis. Yes, our pizza sauces are not from a can, and they are whipped up by our very own chefs who are very particular when it comes to choosing the right and fresh ingredients and products.

Our chefs handpick the tastiest breads and baguettes daily from a bakery in town to serve you sandwiches, paninis and subs that are fresh. We ensure that the ingredients we use are tasteful and expensive, including the cheese, because we don’t believe in compromising on quality when you’re looking for a fine dining experience.
Best Pizza in Boston

Whether you’re looking for a pizza place to dine in or you’re anticipating pizza delivery in South Boston, Pizzeria 260 offers the hungry customer both the options. When you walk into our diner, a pleasant ambience, an appealing aroma of food and an inviting coziness greets you. You will see families bonding with each other over a pizza, friends catching up over subs and lovers spending quality time with calzones. The atmosphere at Pizzeria 260 preps you up for the most delicious meal of your life.

If you’ve come to Pizzeria 260, looking to get entertained, we have a 50 inch high definition flat screen television which can keep you and your friends company while you enjoy a sumptuous meal.
Pizzeria 260 believes in creating fond memories over food. We emphasize on quality to give you a fine dining experience with our New York and North End style thin crust pizzas and other delectable delights. With recipes that have been in our family for years, you can be rest assured that you’re walking into one of the best pizza parlors in Boston.

South Boston Pizza Delivery
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